About Us

The Asian Report was created in 2010 to provide a platform for news, analysis and opinion on national and regional issues in Asia. It is independent of all governments and major media enterprises.

As a highly respected media platform that covers business, economics and diplomatic issues across the region, we conduct investigative journalism on the issues that matter. We have no ideology other than a firm belief in the benefits of a free media that can report without fear or favour.

We do not publish editorials and also give free rein to a host of diverse opinions. With lean management and through our network of contributors we are able to become a self-sustaining site.

Our editors will impose no writing formulas but will edit solely for clarity, brevity and accuracy.

Our Team

• Colin Makari, Editor– A freelance correspondent with over 10 years of media experience covering multiple investigative stories across South East Asia.

• Dawn Frier, Consultant Editor – A 20-year resident of the region, Frier is a long standing Asia commentator for various publications on policy, politics and diplomatic issues.